Look Through Company (LTC) Information to Help NZ Property Investors Minimise Tax & Increase Net Worth

LTCIf you are a NZ property investor and are wanting to keep up to date with the latest Look Through Company (LTC) tax changes, then this website will help you save time and money.

At Gilligan Rowe + Associates we have earned a reputation of being New Zealand\'s foremost property accounting firm.

It\'s our passion and expertise that has helped thousands of Kiwis, expats and migrant property investors to minimise tax and increase their net worth.

That\'s why when the proposed 2010 tax changes to the LAQC regime were announced to the property investment community, including professional CA firm like ours, we made it our mission and duty to understand the legislation and all its implications.

LTC Help For Property Investors

When it comes to Look Through Company (LTC) issues, we are finding some confusion and even misinformation. This confusion is coming from those who want to know how to handle their existing LAQC, as well as those who want to know about setting up a new LTC.

Go ahead and read our LTC commentary on this site. If you are a property investor (or considering it), then the information here will directly affect you. Our objective here is to keep you informed, and to help you clarify your options when it comes to your own investment situation.

There are several ways we can help. If you want personal and no-obligation assistance and would like to speak to an LTC specialist now, go ahead and Request an Interview. You can also use our free Ask The Experts service or telephone us directly.

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